I'm a Front-end Developer at Circle, and a Harare native. Throughout my career I've had the privilege of working with some truly talented designers, developers, copywriters, and project managers.

At the core of my work is a love for working with real people to think about design problems, and deploying the latest front-end technologies to overcome those complex human-machine interaction challenges.

My experiences have led to working with some of the most recognizable regional and global brands. Some of these include I&M Bank, Nation Media Group, Cold Stone Creamery, Nairobi Java House, Domino's Pizza, and Family Bank.

I spend my spare time enjoying a good run or bike ride. I love spending time in the kitchen, and every month or so I experiment on a new rum, gin, or bourbon infusion recipe.

If not that, I'm generally geeking out on history, trivia, or music... likely ending up in a plot for some digital mash-up. Right now, I'm tinkering with Jekyll, the Soundcloud API, Angular JS, and data from the Rex Factor podcast.

This portfolio is powered by Jekyll, Google Fonts, Bitbucket, and DigitalOcean

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