Cold Stone Creamery

Roles: Information architecture, Design, HTML/CSS

When an international ice cream and desserts brand comes knocking you pay attention. That's what happened when Cold Stone Creamery came calling with a need to help them launch a chain of stores in Kenya, and bring their unique philiosophy and approach to serving yummy ice cream goodness and joy to Kenya.

The key challenge lay in introducing the local palate to their pretty sizeable variety of ice cream, shakes, smoothies, and cakes, and simultaneously working to bring the company's culture – and the enjoyment experience that comes along with it – to the fore of customers' minds.

It is always exciting to work with a strong brand, and the prospect of filling my belly with oodles and oodles of ice cream while desiging and buiding a new browsing experience for their customers really whet my appetite. Game on!

The Results

Keeping product pages uniform; making browsing patterns familiar

Cold Stone Creamery's range of products demended a very visually-rich browsing experience on a simple and clean interface to relay all the important deatials that appeal to its customers.

This made it possible to let the website's users focus on the ice cream goodies, and all the add-ons and options that come with them,

A two-column structure with visual emphasis on the product image seemed to do the job. This layout was also provided great utility; its lean, text-based design pattern being repeatable across multiple product categories.

Simplify decision-making

All the delicious extras and toppings to customize your ice cream!

I added a little image-based list at the bottom of each product to show what else is available.

Find ice cream; buy ice cream

With a number of new stores soon opening in various parts of Nairobi, as well as another one planned for Mombasa, it was essential to help site users easily find them.

Adding a map to the locations page was a really simple way to nudge online interst towards direct action and ice cream purchases. This went along with the store addresses and contact details.

App spotlight & social media

I designed and built a handful of new elements to showcase the brand's heritage, journey, and global expansion.

See it in action

Parts of this site have made me proud, and others will always seem incomplete. Whenever I reflect on both of these feelings, it makes me think about what I can do on other projects, and how I could do it better than the last time.