Family Bank

Roles: Research and discovery, Information architecture, Design, HTML/CSS

With a stellar reputation in agro-banking and a strong national presence, Family Bank sought to reshape their image in the Kenyan market by strengthening their connection to current and potential customers. They also wished to highlight their growing range of personal and micro-finance banking services.

The bank offers a number of products and services, ranging from agricultural loans and personal accounts, to money transfer services and mobile payments applications. Such a broad spectrum of products demanded the keen detailing of both bank and customer requirements.

Developing a logically organised site structure was only half the journey – the rest lay in updating a matured brand, and bringing its content face-to-face with responsive layouts, modern browsers, and hand-held devices!

The Results

User-centered banking

Given the diversity of Family Bank's customers, it was immediately clear that different clients required different user journeys to help them find known products and services, as well as to enable the discovery of unfamiliar offerings.

This gave rise to the organisation of products and services along the two most common modes of banking that emerged from the discovery workshop (personal abnking & business banking), and then further grouping similar products or services in sub-sections.

Keeping product pages uniform; making browsing patterns familiar

As the basic unit of customer interaction, the product page template just had to work just as well at describing a personal account as it did to highlight a loan for agricultural implements.

Using a modular approach, I created several building blocks to allow specific features and functions (e.g. lists, how-tos, calculators) to be seamlessly added to the template.

Simplify decision-making

Enabling discovery

In the Family Bank business process, a number of banking solutions make customers eligible for a series of other products and services. In order to allow the customers to take full advantage of this, it was simply necessary to show these cross-relations within the product pages.

App spotlight & social media

The just-launched Pesa Pap mobile banking app was a key product to emphasize on the website – showcasing it's main features and it's utility. It was also important to connect Family Bank to their clients on Facebook and Twitter too.

See it in action

Parts of this site have made me proud, and others will always seem incomplete. Whenever I reflect on both of these feelings, it makes me think about what I can do on other projects, and how I could do it better than the last time.